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Our story

It’s on the 23rd of June 2001 that we purchased this ancestral home that was built  between 1885-1890. As of that date, we worked hard to restore its yesteryear character. We wanted to bring back its soul  so we could share it with anyone who could appreciate this old age beauty.

 Here are some milestone that brought us where we are today :

 In 1994, shortly after the end of my university studies, aiming at the pursuit of my professional career in human resources, I had the idea to operate  a Bed & Breakfast ;  my parents were restaurant owners and I had always liked working with them a lot. This perspective really captivated me.

After several years of investigation and different approaches, it’s only in 2009 that my dream came true with the opening of my Bed & Breakfast.

As for my husband, Alain, having worked in house painting during several years, he attended university to study drugs addiction with the objective of helping people with alcohol, drugs and other substances dependence and to set them free of the hell they were into.  In 1998, he realized his dream and got his first job in the field.

He backed me up with my Bed and Breakfast project to the point of becoming an excellent partner. As of his own saying, and above all, it’s the richness of people we meet he enjoys most.

Today, it’s with pleasure that we welcome people for a short or long stay, or simply for a break in between two destinations.  The living room and the dining room have a capacity for 12 to 15 persons, ideal for any celebration: weddings, family reunions, seminaries or any other occasion during which you will benefit personalized service in a family friendly environment and accommodation for one or several overnight stay.

Believe me, this old time beauty will charm you!